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App Store, US

byMasanity24 - Sep 25, 2016
Amazing app - ★★★★★
This needs to be featured on Apple keynotes it's amazing for strength training

byGeorge Firingos - Sep 14, 2016
#1 Fitness app period!!! ★★★★★
This is the best thing since slice bread!!

by FH6669 - Dec 10, 2016
The Definitive Weight Lifting App
I tried at least 15 different weight lifting tracking apps before I stumbled on this one and this is BY FAR the best one. I probably did 5 different Google searches for something like "best workout tracking app" or "best weight lifting app" and for some reason I never saw this one mentioned and it makes no sense whatsoever. This should have been the FIRST one mentioned. Actually, it should be the ONLY one mentioned because it is that much farther ahead than the rest.

by Asus4 - Nov 18, 2016
Changed my workouts for the better!!!
I had just recently bought my Apple Watch and was searching forums for the best fitness tracking apps. While there were a ton of options for cardio, when it came to lifting there were hardly any options. This app is everything I hoped for and more. The ability to structure your workouts in the app is amazingly convenient. But what really makes it great are the features like super sets and giant sets. Furthermore, the watch app takes the thinking out of rest periods. You set the time in the app and it vibrates on your wrist when it's time to get to work. It's easy to adjust workouts on the fly too. So much good about this app.

by ralandrex - Dec 14, 2016
BEST app by far!
I have tried several apps for weight lifting that will work on my Apple Watch without having my phone with me. This app works flawlessly, the Watch interface is very intuitive and easy to use. I creat my own workouts on my phone and then send it to my Watch. The app also lets you set super sets which is very handy. They have a premium package which is nice if you are looking for programs to follow but if you don't need it, you can still get all the capabilities with the free version. A must have!

by DiNAMiK - Dec 13, 2016
This app has done wonders in helping me to achieve my fitness goals. The level of personalization is second to none. The default workouts are great but it's incredibly easy to create your own routines. One of my favorite features is that the ⌚️Watch app⌚️ functions totally independent of your iPhone so you can leave your phone in the car or your locker if you would like to. 👐🏾 down this is THE BEST 🏋🏾Fitness app🏋🏾 you can get. Download it TODAY and get fit‼️

by Julian Wan - Sep 19, 2016
Best of Class ★★★★★
I used to use Gain, then dabbled with a few others, and now with this app I finally have a full suite of easy to navigate workouts with all the data and features I want. 1 Star added to original 4 star review. - new ar is amazing - new modeling is fantastic - new exercises are great -....

by Ramagno222 - Dec 13, 2016
Best of kind ★★★★★
Amazing app to track and plan workouts. Always improving and adding new features!

by Da Man!! - Dec 10, 2016
Must Have App! ★★★★★
Far and away the best workout application - both the iPhone and iWatch versions are game changers. Takes about a week of use at the gym to get hooked. Can't recommend enough.

by twilight fam - Nov 17, 2016
Great app which is still being improved ★★★★★
Let me start by saying I have had this app for 3? Versions now. The developers are still working on it. It wasn't dropped after release. The Apple Watch integration is great. I like being able to set my rest and be able to track my sets by a simple tap. The system lets you use other people's workouts or you can completely make your own. You can change and customize to your hearts content. This by far is the best gym app.

by danielxsean - Nov 8, 2016
I can't believe how great this app is. ★★★★★
Seriously get this app. It's perfect.

by saint_nick_o_las - Nov 7, 2016
Excellent support! ★★★★★
I had a couple of minor problems and support helped me get going straight away. Love the Watch version...

by aduckworth - Nov 5, 2016
Fantastic Weight Lifting App ★★★★★
This app is perfect for tracking weight lifting exercises. I love the companion watch app as it makes it incredibly easy to start tracking sets and timing rest periods. Once completed with exercises the app posts to the Activity app so you can holistically track overall exercises. I highly recommend checking out this app!

by L1b3rAt3dL1f3 - Nov 6, 2016
Best weightlifting app!! ★★★★★
Makes tracking weightlifting sessions easy and fun.

by therealjmk - Oct 3, 2016
Excellent ★★★★★
I rarely submit reviews, but this app is amazing. Extremely well thought out, gives the user the ability to build and the track all aspects of weight training. Apple Watch app is a homerun. Bought the Pro pack and extra exercises pack and couldn't be happier. Keep up the awesome work!

by Ginoc13 - Sep 29, 2016
Great App! ★★★★★
Love this app because it works great on my Watch! No need to have my phone with me. That is huge. Also, the support is excellent. Anytime I have sent an email I get a response almost immediately!! The update to the Special Sets is exactly what I wanted and asked for and they delivered!!! You have to have this app for your workouts.

by seasickdyl - Sep 14, 2016
Of course Gymaholic does it right. Been looking for a workout app to track my lifts at the gym, but no app did it right. Finally this one comes out! Allows you to track/change sets, reps, and weights. Let's you build your own workouts including the use of supersets. Only thing I'm requesting is a compilation so I can add it to my watch face for everyday use! Great job Gymaholic!!!

App Store, UK

by Phillavelle - Apr 23, 2016
Excellent app ★★★★★
I should preface this by saying I never normally write reviews. I sometimes intend to but ever get around to doing it. I'm making a point about leaving a review for this app because I think it is EXCELLENT. I am a 35 year old gym addict. I work out six days a week and do specifically formulated routines. I've spent years looking for the perfect app to log my weights and thought it didn't exist. Some were ok but had terrible watch apps or just felt a. If lacking. I came across this and I have never been happier. The watch app is amazing and allows me to leave my phone in my bag because I can log and even check workouts on my wrist which then sync. The attention to detail is phenomenal and I can't recommend it enough. Well done to the developers!

by henryb7318 - Jun 8, 2016
Insanely good ★★★★★
I've only been using the app for a short time but I'm really impressed. I've never found an app that can track weight training well, but found this on Apple's site and thought it must be good and it is. I use it with my Apple Watch which meant I don't pick up my phone at all in the gym. Using the Watch app is very simple and makes tracking pre defined workouts as simple as it could possibly be. Then it all appears in the Health app and completes activity rings which is thoughtful.

App Store, Israel
by Jean - Okt 09, 2015
Best Gym App ever (tried them all)
Flawless supports for Apple Watch, being able to train without the phone. Workout history, variety of exercise and a possibility to add your own. Supper friendly support by mail.

App Store, US

by Waye200 - Okt 04, 2015
I use this app every time I go to the gym. It works great with my Apple Watch. Best workout app for the Apple Watch.

by Jason Pruitt - Okt 04, 2015
THE best lifting app for Apple Watch
Incredible app for Apple Watch and lifting.

by Waye2000 - Nov 2, 2015
GREAT APP!! ★★★★★
I use this app every time I go to the gym. It works well with the Apple Watch. Must have app, if you work out or exercise at the gym.

by Adilpickle - Oct 25, 2015
Apple Watch app gets it done ★★★★★
This is my go to app for lifting now. I program my workout on the phone and send it to the apple watch. It works seamlessly and easily. Then on the watch it tells me the weight the sets and the reps to do. Perfect. It makes tracking my exercise so much more enjoyable. Plus don't have to have my phone near to use it and apple health integration is there. Great job!

by t_leung - Sep 28, 2015
WatchOS 2.0 is awesome with this new app ★★★★★
With the new changes to watchOS 2.0 this app is the perfect workout app.

App Srote, Italy
by Solangelina - Okt. 10. 2015
Best workout app – migliore app per esercizi ★★★★★
Amazing, fantastica,! I really sincerely adore it! I've been using it for more than one year now and, while I still new look around for new fitness apps, this is still best on the market today. Easy to use, highly customizable (unlike the other apps with limited exercises, here you can add/create your own and then set up your workouts) great tracking features (especially pic progressions) +++ highly recommend  ++++ the dev team is really friendly...........The app that allowed me to get addicted to fitness. ...........

App Store Australia
by captainky - Oct 26, 2015
Best weights tracker for Apple Watch!! ★★★★★
I've been trying out various gym watch apps for months now, and so far this is the best one I've found. It's for Watchos2 so it's quick and responsive. It has the heart rate and calorie tracking so you can skip the Activity app. I love the coloured rings for resting times and sets completed. You can edit your routine on the watch with the digital crown and force press but the phone app contains the master, which is I think a good way to handle minor variations in a session. Also love how you just scroll down from your current exercise to get to the other exercises in your custom routine, so you can do them in any order - that chest press is always busy and taken! As a developer myself I'm impressed with the clever design of this watch app, it handles a deceptively complex task nicely and looks great on screen. Can't wait till apple supports the end of rest timer buzzer haptic which is not yet possible. ..

App Store, Sweden
by formfranska  - Oct 27, 2015
The best fitness/workout/tracker app right now
This app is probably the best gym app right now that works with the Apple Watch and syncs to Apple health. Also syncing to Apple’s Activity app, both active calories and workouts. This is a really important feature. Sending workouts from your iPhone to your Apple watch could not be any simpler. It’s fantastic to be able to workout with only the Apple watch and the UX is great!

App Store, Canada
by Garr From OS - Oct 28, 2015
Love the update! ★★★★★
Super happy about this update on the watch. It's faster, shows my constant heart rate and allows me to launch a workout right from my watch! The scroll to see the next exercises is also helpful.

App Sotre, South Africa
by Leon Nortje - Sept, 26 2015
Love this fitness app
The application does it all. Simple and integrated with your health and fitnes plan. Best Apple Watch design. Well done.

in email - Sep 16, 2015
Thanks for a great fitness app and your Apple Watch app rock.

Twitter: Joe Harris ‏@joeharris76 - Aug 27, 2015
Current best app for weight training on Watch is @Gymaholic_App . Much better than the others I've tried. Dropping @JefitInc after ~5yrs.

App Store, Germany
Kevin Horgan - Aug. 18, 2015
Sehr gut ★★★★★
Integration mit Apple Watch ist toll.

App Store, Germany
JazzJazz5 - Jun. 1, 2015
Klasse app ★★★★★
Hatte bischer iStayFit, ganz OK, aber diese app ist ECHT um längen besser!!

App Store, US
by nathan3o4 - Apr 16, 2015
Perfect for the gym ★★★★★
This app is perfect for counting sets and rest times. I love the iPhone app, and I can’t wait to start using the Watch app. I’ve used other fitness apps (such as Fitness Buddy) before, but I’ve never stuck to one like I do with Gymaholic. Gymaholic works perfectly for my use case. I set up all my workouts and going through them with the app by my side is wonderful. I love how easy it was to get set up and going, and I love swiping through sets as I finish them.

App Store, Hu:
by HunDonPedro - 04. Sep. 2014
Great app ★★★★★
I love this app, 5*

App Store, France:
by Registraduria - 22. Jan. 2014
Best app you can get ★★★★★
I tried about 15 apps and was about to give up when finally found this one and loved it! It’s simple, smooth and beautiful. I use it for bod weight training but can be used for anything! It records reps, sets, duration, kilos (or not which is great because I don’t need that), dates, statistics and a lot of other stuff. No boring videos and the workouts can be edited or deleted. Support is just awesome, I’ve asked for 3 features and some weeks after I got un update with exactly what I requested. It’s so cool I enjoy more my workouts. This is the perfect app (and only one) for body weight training, but again, it can be used for any kind of training. Thanks and bravo!

App Store, Italy:
by Solangelina - 25. Aug. 2014
Best workout app – migliore app per esercizi ★★★★★
+ really easy to use + highly customizable (can add all kind of exercises/workouts) + best app to track progress (can type in all kind of measurements under pictures that can be password protected + useful camera feature, shows shape of previous picture when snapping a new one to easily take similar photos that help see progress +++ highly recommend.

App Store, US:
by lamjoseminaya - 5. Jun. 2014
The best!! ★★★★★
The best gym app ever! You can track weight, picture yourself everyday, tell you what exercise to do next.

App Store, US:
by Revy-rev - 28. Feb. 2014
Perfect Workout Companion! ★★★★★
This app rocks! There are plenty of exercises and workouts to follow and then you can keep track of weightloss with the scale! Great job!

Twitter: Art G. ‏@Grizzly394 Feb 28
Seriously loving the new #gym #workout @Gymaholic_App for #iPhone users. Purchased pro version in matter of minutes!

App Store, Canada:
by Buzzguy69 - 17. Feb. 2014
Quite comprehensive ★★★★★
I’ve just started to go back to the gym recently, (after 7years since my eldest was born) and this app has helped follow a completely new routine, modify on the fly and track my progress.
It has many exercise that I didn’t expect to find. Some x-fit or x-training and conventional exercises are not available, but customisable, you can add your own. Some limitations such as timed events with weight or resistance bands. Can’t track fat to weight ratio. So far it’s a great application.

App Store, Austria:
by Jakubiner - 17. Dec. 2013
Top ★★★★★
Super App, Training mach endlich wieder Spaß!!!

App Store, Germany:
by Mario Weiler - 24. Nov. 2013
Super ★★★★★
Macht genau was ich Benötige. Keine unnötige Features. Web Synchronization wäre noch ganz praktisch. Facebook Abhängigkeit müsste nicht sein!

Twitter: Art G. ‏@Grizzly394 Feb 28
“@Gymaholic_App: Watch the #new #Gymaholic #fitnessapp #video : …” This is exactly everything I've ever wanted!

By Julian933 – Feb. 14. 2015.
Einfach super ★★★★
Super App, ganz besonders die Fotofunktion gefällt mir. Jedoch bitte noch Selbstauslöser mit einbauen bei der Aufnahme über die App.

App Store, France:
by Dododu81 - 26. Jan. 2014
Excellent! ★★★★
Bonne application pour la muscu avec beaucoup d’exercice et programme , avec chrono temps de recup’ …
Le seul hic sait en anglais.

App Store, United Kingdom:
by lanholmestunbridgewells - 29. Dec. 2013
Best of type ★★★★
I tried a few apps of this type as I wanted to track what I was lifting at the gym without using a pen and pad. This was easily the best as it gives you the option of modifying number of sets, reps, weight etc. which bizarrely others don’t.
I also like the way it times your rest in between sets and logs the weight and stats at the end.
Areas to improve/negatives;
I don’t see any benefit to buying the premium version other than to remove adverts.
I can’t see that it’s possible to change number of reps per set (if you are doing pyramid training).
Overall as I say, best app of its type and hopefully with updates it will improve further.