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About Gymaholic

Maximize your progress! Gymaholic gives you all you need and more to track your fitness activity, body measurements, bodyweight and visual changes.

Have an Apple Watch?
Free your hands while training! Track your gym or bodyweight workout with Gymaholic watchOS 2 app on Apple Watch without using your iPhone. Gymaholic will walk you through your training showing heart rate, calories, sets and counting the rest time. It moves forward with a simple touch. Check your workout's exercise list and details, edit workouts.

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Progress photos and videos

1. Create albums and take photos with Gymaholic or add existing ones. While taking a picture, overlay image helps if you want similarly positioned photos.
2. Generate videos of your albums to see your body transformation. Watch the sample video in the app.
3. Track your body measurements with or without photo and check the changes around the sample-figure and in statistics.

Effortless tracking

Gymaholic has a simple but effective tracking process. By tracking your workout the app automatically logs data, which are presented to you in the History menu and as statistics in many different ways: in total, by date, by workout, by exercise, etc.

The workout tracker has rest timer mode with different signals at the end of rest time. And you are free to create and track different sets, reps and weights per exercise with superset and tri-set tracking options.

Workouts and exercises

Workouts & exercises

The app comes preloaded with workouts and 202 exercises. You have the option on iPhone to create workouts, and exercises. We provide a Community menu for sharing, downloading and rating workouts.

The app has a unique sharing system, which allows you to send your workouts to anyone via email or AirDrop by using your iPhone. Just one tap imports our special file which is then ready to use immediately. You can also send them to your Apple Watch.

Weight tracking

Weight tracking

Track your bodyweight and see the result. Collect your weight data in the Scales menu, just swipe the scale-display to the correct number. Your previous weight can be also stored, tap to reach the needed date.

The app displays your weight on the chart and shows your changes graphically and numerically immediately.